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Spotlight on local music: Drew Wilson


Hometown: Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia

What is your musical background (how were you introduced to music)?

I started playing the violin and singing in school choirs when I was 7. I picked up the guitar when I started high school and things just happened from there.

What brought you to Whistler?

A year away writing songs and performing… as well as the snow, hiking and biking!

When you aren’t on stage, where can people find you just hanging out?

I work at Roots in the village so either there or just riding my bike around the valley trails with my wife.

Do you play all covers, or original material, too?

I have over 60 original songs and I am recording an album when I get back to Australia late 2008. I play mostly cover favorites around town because that’s what everyone wants to hear when they are out and about drinking. I usually throw a few of my own into a show. I’ll be playing just original songs for the Whistler Arts Council’s street entertainment program though, so I am looking forward to that.

Where do you find inspiration for the songs you write?

I do a lot of reading so little words or ideas pop into my brain all the time. Also just from really basic everyday things. I play my guitars every day so I’m bound to come up with something!

How do you describe your music?

It is a mix of genres and really hard to describe in one term. Its very acoustic/folksy/rocky/bluesy/pop, so I suppose you could call it acforoblupop.

Hit shuffle on your Ipod – what are the first three songs you come across? (Come on, be honest!)

Josh Pyke, “Memories and Dust”; Chris Isaak, “Wicked Game”…. oh ouch… Roxette, “It must have been love”… blame my wife for that one!

Describe a typical rehearsal…

Just basic, really. Pick up a guitar and start strumming and I go from there. If I start to get a song idea I will write, otherwise I will just practice and refine some of my own songs. I very rarely practice covers, only when I am trying to work out a new song that I haven’t performed before.