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Spotlight on local music: DJ Tone


Name: DJ Tone a.k.a. Solartone of Solartribe Collective aka Anthony Catton

Hometown: Huntsville, Ontario. Home is where the heart and head lay. For the last 12 years it has been in Whistler and Mexico.

Pique: What brought you to Whistler?

A.C.: I moved from Banff to Vancouver in 1996. I planned to take a break from snowboarding. Ha! The vortex sucked me in within a few months. When Mike Varrin hired me to DJ at Merlin’s, my fate was sealed.

Pique: How long have you been DJing?

A.C.: 21 years. I started remix editing with dual cassettes back in ’87. A tape of mine landed me my first job playing music. I took a break from music when I joined the Air Force in 1990. I ended up working on CF-18 jets during the time of the Gulf War crisis.

When I got out, I was a bit lost. Luckily, I saw an old Look snowboard for sale and bought it. I ended up getting a job that winter at Powder King, B.C., and ended up devoting the next 17 years to following my dreams of endless powder.

Pique: What is the Solartribe Collective?

A.C.: We are a group of local artists, musicians and citizens who have been gathering under a full moon since 1997. It is a perfect venue to express our art forms to very appreciative crowds, who dance the night away and gather to share the good vibes we produce. We choose to celebrate our ability, manifest our dreams thru love, positive intention and connection to galactic source. Our music will always be a tool to create joy and expressiveness in people.

Pique: How do you describe your sound, or is it constantly changing?

A.C.: It changes depending on my surroundings. In Whistler, I play self-remixed electro tracks mixed with rifts from familiar rock songs and bits of jungle and break beats. The parties I play down in the Yucatan, the energy is more intense and people prefer a harder cosmic musical vibration when it comes to all night under the stars.

Pique: What is your musical background?

A.C.: My father was a part-time radio DJ in the Air Force. He also played stand up bass in a band. My three older siblings were teenagers in the disco era and were also in rock bands. I would always sneak into their rooms to listen to their records and lip sync in front of the mirror. I remember doing KISS “I Was Made For Loving You” for air guitar in Grade 2 and winning, thanks to all that practice.

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