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Spotlight on local music: DJ Rosco


Names (stage and real): Ross O'Connell, DJ ROSCO

Hometown: I grew up in Belleville, went to school and lived in Montreal for six years and have been living in Whistler for seven, so ummm Bell-Mont-Stler?

Pique: So, is music a full-time gig for you, or do you also have a day job?

R.O.: Yeah it definitely consumes the majority of my time, passion and devotion, but I also work as a Financial Advisor two days a week at TD Bank.

Pique: What's your "Whistler story?" (When did you arrive and what brought you here?)

R.O.: I came to Whistler for Christmas 2002 to visit my brother, but I wanted to stay longer. Before I left for Whistler I packed my records turntables and clothes and asked my dad to send them out (in that order!) to me if I ended up staying in Whistler, and here I am seven years later!

Pique: What do you love about this place?

R.O.: Just about everything; the mountains, lakes, trails speak for themselves. The people here are great, super positive and generally good people. I love DJing here because everyone is ALWAYS down to party and have a good time!

Pique: Anything you hate about it?

R.O.: Working a day job on powder days!

Pique: When you aren't on stage, where can people find you hanging out?

R.O.: On the mountain, in my studio in Function, by the lake with my dog, or on my motorbike!

Pique: How were you introduced to music and DJing?

R.O.: My family is really into music and my earliest memories are of listening to eight-tracks and playing my dad's records on my Mickey Mouse turntable - I completely destroyed his record collection! And yeah I'm old! I got into DJing just out of love of music and going to clubs, I was that guy glued to the booth watching the DJs.

Pique: What kind of music do you use during any given set?

R.O.: I play classic hip hop, party rock and electro house music with a touch of top 40. Really, whatever I'm feeling and think the crowd will get into.

Pique: What are your thoughts on Whistler's music scene, today?