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Spotlight on local music: Brother twang



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J.B.: Let’s Get Physical.


Pique: What song is requested most (that you secretly hate to perform)? B.T.: Wonderwall by Oasis hands down!


Pique: What’s your favourite venue in town, and why?

B.T.: That’s a very hard call. It’s a toss up between The FireRock and Merlin’s. We like the FireRock because the acoustics are incredible and they’re like family to us, and Merlin’s because of their awesome staff. Honourable mention goes to the PemHo because that crowd definitely knows how to party and it’s always a good time!


Pique: Have you had any embarrassing moments on stage?

B.T.: Jay loves to sing before the mic is turned on, but the best was when George’s zipper broke while we were playing at Buffalo Bill’s. Did I mention that he was going commando at the time…?


Pique: What musician (alive or dead) would you like to jam with?

B.T.: Rush, Kirk Hammett, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hendrix, the list goes on…


Pique: Do you have any upcoming performances in town?

B.T.: We are incredibly stoked about playing at the Pemberton Festival Barn Dance (Sunday, July 27 th at 6 p.m.) but we play at least twice a week in Whistler, check the Pique’s listings for where and when!