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Spotlight on local music: Brother twang



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Pique: How do you describe your music?

B.T.: Gunt-tastic!


Pique: Do you play covers, or original material?

B.T.: Both, but our focus is definitely on original music. For every original added to the set, one cover is dropped.


Pique: Describe a typical rehearsal…

B.T.: Out on the golf course, having a few beverages discussing how amazing we were last night. So far this seems to be working.


Pique: Hit shuffle on your iPod — what are the first three songs you come across?

B.T.: The Mob Goes Wild (Clutch), Camera Eye (Rush), Hockey Cards (Brother Twang), which is available on our four-song CD for just $5!


Pique: W hat are your favourite song(s) to perform together?

B.T.: Any of our originals (especially Hockey Cards as we’re going to submit that one for the Hockey Night in Canada contest), Folsom Prison Blues, Old Man, or It’s Still Rock & Roll to Me.


Pique: What/who are your musical influences?

B.T.: Band wise: Rush, Clutch, Faith No More, Iron Maiden, and so many more it would fill this whole page. Otherwise, we all have been influenced by various teachers and family members as music seems to run in our families’ veins.


Pique: If you have to pick one “theme song” for the band, what would it be?

G.S.: Hockey Cards.

D.S.: Without a Trace (as it’s about Whistler locals).