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Spotlight on local music: Brother twang



Name: Brother Twang


Members: George Skoupas, Downtown Jay Brown, Heavy D Stembridge.


Pique: What's the origin of your name?

Brother Twang: We started off as Too Soon to Tell as we were just having fun playing covers. Everyone kept asking what our name was, we didn’t have one so we told them it was “too soon to tell” and the name stuck. We always knew that the name would change once we started original material. Brother Twang represents the brotherhood between band mates, and the twang refers to Jay’s vocal delivery at times. It was one of those things that was born during a recording session; the name came out of nowhere and it just works.


Pique: What are your musical backgrounds?

B.T.: We’ve all been playing in excess of 20 years and our musical tastes are extremely varied; from classical music, to electronica, to death metal fusion!


Hometowns: The Big Smoke and Steel Town.


Pique: What brought you to Whistler?

B.T.: The fresh and clean air primarily, George has family here also, and you can’t deny those powder days. You know, the old adage “we came for the winter, but stayed for the summer…”


Pique: When you aren’t on stage, where can people find you just hanging out?

B.T.: Either the dog beach or 7 th Heaven, or with our respective loved ones, or Heavy D’s personal favorite: the couch!


Pique: When did you form your band?

B.T.: 1.5 years ago.


Pique: What inspired you to make music together?

B.T.: It all started with the open mike jam nights that George started at the Longhorn. The Force was with us from then on.