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5 Peaks Series stops at Seymour



A few local runners headed to Deep Cove on Saturday to take part in the 5 Peaks race at Mount Seymour.

The Enduro component was a challenging eight-kilometre run over the flank of Seymour while Sport racers did a 5-kilometre course.

In Enduro, all three Whistler participants finished within 12 spots and just over two minutes of each other. Walter Wallgram was 32nd overall and fourth in Male 50 to 59 in 57:35, while Barry McClure was sixth in the same category in 59:11. Tara Wright was the third female to reach the finish line and second overall in Female 30 to 39 in 59:40.

From Squamish, Helen Spencer was second in Female 20 to 29 in 59:54. Jessica Palmer was 11th in Female 30 to 39 in 1:15:01.

In Sport, Caroline l'Heureux of Squamish was fourth in Female 30 to 39 in 38:45.

Anik Champoux of Whistler was eighth in Female 30 to 39 in 45:25.


Semenuk takes Bearclaw Invitational

Whistler's Brandon Semenuk added another win to his growing tally for 2011 with a win at the Bearclaw Invitational at Mountain Washington Alpine Resort - host Darren "Bearclaw" Berrecloth's home turf.

Semenuk placed first with a run that included a double tailwhip and 360 off the drop, with 90 points to the judges. Anthony Messere, who placed third at the Red Bull Joyride in Whistler, was second with an 87.3, while Berrecloth - still recovering from a broken back at the start of the season, placed third with an 85.67.


For the Record

In last week's sports section a results page linked to the 2010 results from the Crankworx Colorado slopestyle event instead of 2011, and the reporter did not notice the error. Brandon Semenuk did not win the 2011 Crankworx Colorado slopestyle this year, but finished second by one point to Cam McCaul. U.K. rider Sam Pilgrim placed third.

The effect on the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour was the same, with Semenuk jumping to an almost insurmountable lead of 3,932.5 points (including the Bear Claw Invitational), followed by Cameron Zink with 3,077.95 and Sam Pilgrim with 2,848.75.


JABR registration open

The final event in the Hell of a Series is the second annual Just Another Bike Race, taking place in Squamish on Aug. 20.

You'd think with four marathon-style races in Squamish it could get repetitive, but JABR organizers have made it a point to make the course different.

The start and finish is at Quest University. From Quest, the ride heads up Garibaldi Park Road to the Ring Creek Forest Service Road until the George's Crossing Bridge, and up the road to Half-Nelson - Squamish's newest machine-built trail. After the descent, riders cross George's Crossing once again to the climb to Lower Power Smart, then to another logging road towards Alice Lake. The list of trails in the area includes Rob's Corners, Cliff's Corners and Mike's Loop to Credit Line. After Credit Line it's Jack's Trail and up to Mashiter Trail, Roller Coaster and back to Quest. From there it's another climb back up Ring Creek FSR for a third time to Psuedo Tsuga. Next up is Lower Power Smart and Word of Mouth before heading back to the University.

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