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Gymnasts face tough competition at Ogopogo



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The top Whistler competitor was Frederic Jardot, who placed 95th overall and 20th in the Men's 40 to 44 race with a time of 5:16:18.

Greg Sandkuhl was 107th overall and first in the Men's 65 to 69 category - by almost 15 minutes - with a time of 5:18:57.

Fero Piliar was 13th overall and 27th out of 74 racers in the Men's 35 to 39 age category in 5:24:38.

Maridee Fitch was 38th in Women's 50 to 54 in 7:30:58.

From Pemberton, Nancy Johnston was eighth out of 61 racers in Women's 45 to 59 in 5:51:48.

From Squamish, Volker Schneider placed 36th overall and sixth out of 90 racers in the Men's 40 to 44 race in 4:56:27. He was the top Sea to Sky racer.

Jen Segger, usually better known for off-road adventure sports, placed 101st overall and sixth out of 47 racers in the Women's 30 to 34 race.

Travis Kubin was 389th overall and 66th in Men's 40 to 44 in 6:11:19.

Karen Ogilvie was 25th in Women's 35 to 39 in 6:15:18.

Tanya Hawkings was 27th in Women's 35 to 37 in 6:19:20.

Sylvie Jorger was 18th in Women's 45 to 49 in 6:19:20.

Patricia Leslie was 43rd in Women's 40 to 44 in 7:51:43.

Complete results are online at


Phat Wednesday gets underway

The Phat Wednesday downhill series gets underway on Wednesday, June 15 with a special edition of the race. Expect a mix of intermediate trails that anybody can ride.

To take part in the series - six Phat Wednesdays and three experts-only PhaSt Wednesdays - you need to be a member of the Whistler Off-Road Cycling Association and have a valid pass to ride the park.

WORCA memberships are available online at and there will be registration at the start as well. Riders also chipĀ  $2 into the pot before the start of the race, which will be split among the winners. All participants are eligible to win draw prizes from sponsors, including Kokanee, the GLC, Whistler Mountain Bike Park, Kona, Sram, Race Face, Hayes Disc Brakes, Marzochhi, Maxxis, Darkine, Decline, WTB, Odi and Funn Pedals.

Registration gets underway at the Garbanzo Bike and Bean at 5 p.m. and the racing starts at 6 p.m. The races are capped at 200 riders due to time constraints, so early registration is recommended.