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Gymnasts face tough competition at Ogopogo



For years, the Whistler Gymnastics Club has wrapped up its competitive season at the Ogopogo Invitational, enjoying the sun and the opportunity to put a year's worth of training to the test.

Recently the level of competition has increased hugely, with the top clubs in B.C. and Alberta attending the meet, as well as clubs from farther east. This year a club even took part from Toronto.

The result was a tougher event than past years.

In Level 3 Novice, Keeley Wentzel, Carly Mann and Jessie Budge were 13th, 14th and 18th respectively. Wentzel tied for fourth on the bars and was seventh on the vault; Mann tied for third on the vault and for fourth on the floor; Jessie Budge place 12th on the floor.

Gabby Flynn had the best result for the club, placing third all around out of 21 competitors in Provincial 2 Argo 2001, tying for first on the floor, placing second on vault, sixth on beam and 10th on bars. Gigi Kranjc was 15th all around, tying for 11th on the bars.

In Provincial 2 Tyro 2000, Caleigh Lamont was 12th all around, with a fifth place tie on the vault and 10th place results on bars and beam. Hannah Peatfield was 16th, with an 11th place result on floor.

In Provincial 2 Tyro 1999, Caitlin MacConnachie was 10th all around.

In Provincial 2 Novice A, Ellie Krasny was 11th all around, placing seventh on vault and eighth on floor.

In Provincial 2 Novice B, none of the Whistle athletes finished all four events with injuries. Jamie Gormley had a seventh place result on the bars, Charlotte Mahoney was ninth on the floor and Christina Saldat was 12th on the floor.

In Provincial 1 Argo, Hailey Jackson was fifth all around with a gold medal on floor, seventh place on bars and ninth on beam. Jennifer Lafreniere was seventh all around, tying for fourth on bault, placing fifth on floor and sixth on bars. Emily Sargent's best results were ninth on vault and 10th on floor, and Lauren Wentzel was 15th on floor.

Whistler Gymnastics is wrapping up its season. The club is hosting an adult meet this Saturday, June 11 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. with local coaches and masters gymnasts from outside the community taking part.

The week of June 13, the club is also hosting year-end displays for different categories including Active Start, recreational and competition programs, and competitive trampoline. Summer camp information is online at


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