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Bus is pipeline to the Bigs Grizzly, Canucks games offered There's no need to wait for training camp to come to Whistler, a new tour bus service will take you to Canucks or Grizzlies games in Vancouver. Allsport Tours starts Nov. 11 taking sports fans of the Big Leagues to see the Vancouver Grizzlies National Basketball Association franchise in action. A later date goes south to see the Canucks hipcheck their way through another National Hockey League schedule. There are between 15 and 20 trips planned for each sport. Tickets are $125 for Canucks and $110 for Grizzlies games. Trip includes dinner before the game, leaving Whistler at 4 p.m. and returning about midnight, says Steve Hardy, the brains behind the bus tour. "I'm a basketball and hockey fan," he says of his motivation behind the idea. "I'd love to see any hockey or basketball team because each has its own star players." An Oct. 14 familiarization run to see the Grizzlies attack the Portland Trailblazers stopped at Barolo Ristorante Italiano in West Vancouver, before seeing the home squad lay an on-court beating on the visiting team. The bus is chartered from Perimeter Transportation, seats 47 and includes on-board entertainment and beverage service. The seats are not in a mass group, but are spread out in the same section, Hardy explains, so that the best possible seats in the middle price range can be bought. The tour company is open to groups booking the entire bus, Hardy says, making the trip a novel way for a company to reward its employees.