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Whistler Half Marathon sold out, again



It's déjà vous all over again. Last week it was announced that the North Face Whistler Half Marathon was sold out for a second time, after another 50 spots were added to the race.

The race sold out all 750 spots on March 31, just five minutes before the end of the early bird deadline for registration. A large number of people contacted organizers to ask for another chance, prompting them to add an additional 50 spots to the race.

Those spots, and then some, were snapped up in just six minutes on April 27 after becoming available. Because of a glitch in the software, 64 people actually managed to squeeze through.

"Once the process of registering is started, the registrant is guaranteed a spot based on the way the software is built," said race director Dave Clark. "Fifteen people simultaneously signed up for the final spot, literally starting at exactly the same time - so in actual fact, 64 athletes got spots, which is amazing."

As well as the registered runners, roughly 50 spots have also been set aside for elite and sponsored athletes.

The 21.1 km run takes place on June 4, based out of the Whistler Olympic Plaza. The race is sanctioned by B.C. Athletics and is a recognized event on the Vancouver Sun Run Series.

A complete course map is available online at


Counting down to the Orecrusher XC

The first of the Sea to Sky mountain bike epics - as well as the first event in the Hell of a Series - takes place on May 14 with a revamped Orecrusher race in Squamish.

The event will be based out of Don Ross Secondary once again, but the course will be a lot different this year with a much longer lap (around 13 km) and all categories making three laps of the course for a total of 40 km.

While the race is still relatively flat compared to other races, it didn't get easier. More of the race than ever is taking place on singletrack with a few road and doubletrack sections in between trails. There are no long descents so riders will be pedalling the entire way.

Because it's a lap race, riders can arrange to pick up water bottles and food along the way and do minor repairs - an element that race director Armand Hurford wanted to keep for the first race of the season. "It's still the only lap race in the Hell of a Series, and it's a good intro to that kind of marathon racing because you're not out in the middle of nowhere, you're in a contained environment where you pass through the same area a few times... and it's a little less intimidating."

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