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Squash Week Five Results



Squash Week Five Results

Team                           Points          Total

Splash Nash Spas 15       73

Summit Sport               14       69

Slope Side Supply         7        68

McDonald’s                  19       58

Hilton                          14       52

Meadow Park                9        51

Scotia Bank                  6        51

Mountain Crests   6        48

Valley Bus. Centre         12       48

Whistler Medical 7        47

Sun Dog Eyewear          12       46

IT Pharmacy                 7        45

VIP Holidays                6        42

Affinity Sports     4        27


Skaters jingle all the way home

The Whistler Skating Club is off to a good start this winter with athletes bringing home medals and a horde of top-10 results from the annual Jingle Blades tournament in White Rock.

In Elementary Ladies 10 and Over, Beverly Horler picked up a silver medal.

In Pre-Preliminary Ladies 10 and Under, Tess Thompson came away with a gold and Cassidy Deane picked up a bronze in Group 1. Kasia Krasny was sixth in Group 2 and Chantal Deane sixth in Group 3.

In Preliminary Ladies 11 and Over Lucy Halliwell placed fifth, while Rebekah Robertson was seventh in Junior Bronze Ladies 12 and Under.

Marielle Thompson was fourth in Junior Ladies 13 and Over.

Samantha Shrimpton picked up bronze in Juvenile Ladies.

Annelise Hutchison was fifth in Pre-Novice Ladies Free.

WSC skaters also recently participated in a test day with provincial judges, certifying more advanced moves to use in competition. Cassidy Deane, Chantal Deane, Beverly Horler, Bryn Horner, Kasia Krasny, Tess Thompson and Rachel Warner qualified the Dutch Waltz. Rebekah Robertson and Broderick Thompson completed part three of their test with the Willow Waltz, taking tests for the Swing Dance and Fiesta Tango at an earlier date. Verena Facundo, Lucy Halliwell, Samantha Shrimpton and Marielle Thompson tested for the second part of the Senior Bronze Dance: Fourteen Step. Lucy Halliwell, Broderick Thompson and Marielle Thompson also completed part three of the Junior Bronze Skills test.

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