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With the decision to extend the contract, Husky has been named the exclusive Energy Sector/Convenience Retail Parter for Alpine Canada Alpin, the Canadian Alpine Ski Team and Canadian Disabled Alpine Ski Team.

Charity seeks used bikes

The Providencia Project is looking for used kids’ mountain bikes, or bikes for small adults in good condition to donate to needy children in Costa Rica.

The village of Providencia is poor, agricultural, and happens to be located in a mountainous area of Costa Rica that is being promoted as a destination for mountain biking. The kids in town built their own small trail, even though they only have one broken bicycle to share.

The Providencia Project is being organized by Paulo Valle, a Costa Rican downhill mountain biker who is building trails outside of Providencia. He is looking for at least 10 mountain bikes in good condition, including about seven kids’ bikes and three small bikes, as well as bike gear (helmets, gloves, shorts, spare parts), as well as approximately $600 for shipping.

You can drop off bikes, gear and donations at Evolution in Whistler, or Cove Bike Shop and Dizzy Cycles in Vancouver, who will take care of all maintenance. People who donate bikes will receive a photo of the bike with its new owner or owners.