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SportMap sets path for young athletes



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The next session was nutrition with Dr. Susan Crawford, a registered dietician and nutritionist who has been a sports nutrition consultant for the past 15 years.

Her presentation covered the basics of a good diet, an overview of energy and recovery foods, eating strategies, as well as the issue of nutritional sport supplements.

"Once again the best example is the Europeans. It’s not supplements either. A long time ago they learned that the better you eat, the better you perform," said Dr. Crawford.

"We’re not going off the rails with this, we’ve just lost touch with what good food is. The basic rule is if it’s been to a few factories on the way from the field to your mouth, then you’re not get everything you need."

The final session was a repeat of the earlier training and competition session, with parents and coaches learning about injury prevention, recovery and regeneration from Megeney and Purves, and athletes learning the specifics of mental preparation from Dr. Sinclair.

Bob Kusch, a chairperson for the Telus Whistler Sport Centre, said the SportMap primer was a huge success.

"It was by far the largest SportMap Primer held anywhere in the province, and a plus is that the calibre of the presenters was very high," he said. "The best part was that we got to see all the young athletes and future Olympians there, so the information is getting to the right people."

Kusch says more SportMap Primer events will be scheduled in the future, focusing on more specific topics such as nutrition and mental preparation.

Part of the mandate of the Telus Whistler Sport Centre is to host the SportMap Primer Workshops, which were conceived in 1999 when sports organizations came together to form the B.C. Sport System Integration Group. Programs.

The Telus Whistler Sport Centre is funded by the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Bid’s LegaciesNow program.