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Spitting image of Squamish Soccer


The Squamish Men’s Soccer League is holding an emergency meeting on Nov. 18 to discuss recent abuses of officials by players, as well as other disciplinary issues.

Some of the incidents being investigated by the league involve players spitting on the referees and each other, drinking on the sidelines, the use of foul language, and generally violent behaviour.

As a result of the on-field conduct, some of the officials have already quit. There are also concerns that the behaviour of a handful of players could impact on the ability of teams and the league to recruit corporate sponsorship.

"There is too much violence in men’s soccer in general, and there are a number of teams in our league that the referees do not want to referee," said match referee Jose Oreamuno. "The players often come up to my face and give me a look that says some day I’m going to get you.

"Many of the players who swear and act in a violent manner bring their kids to the game. What kind of example is this setting?"

Oreamuno hopes the league meeting on Nov. 18, which includes all the referees and representatives from all eight teams, will be able to provide solutions to some of these issues.