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Speed Warrior – Tom Pro and the Vertical Imperative



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Pro took full advantage of his "second" ski-racing career. But the clock was ticking. "In other words, I wasn't getting any younger," he says with a wry grin. When he blew his knee out while forerunning a World Cup downhill in the winter of 1988, Tom realized he'd come to the end of the line. "It happened just before leaving for Europe for a speedskiing event," he says. "That was a huge disappointment for me." He pauses, takes a breath. "But I was okay with it. I figured I'd had a pretty good run. It was time to move on..."

Pro was no stranger to Whistler. "I'd been spending my winters here for some time — I rented a room from Phil Chew," he says. But his marriage to Claire Thornthwaite in 1989, and the arrival of their first child in May of 1991 convinced him to move up full-time. Ah, but that's a story for next week...