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South Side Deli not sold



Cal Schacter says the rumours are not true; the South Side Deli has not been sold.

The home of the Belch will stay intact for the time being at least.

"It hasn’t been sold," says Schacter, who owns the South Side Deli with another partner.

"But we’re looking at all offers."

Rumours have been rife around town including one that puts a Tim Horton’s in place of the deli/hostel.

Schacter just shakes his head and repeats that the deli has not been sold.

But the owners are looking at all their options.

"Something will change in the foreseeable future," he said.

"(But for now) it’s just business as usual."

For 20 years now the South Side Deli has been nestled in the south corner of Creekside, as Whistler’s ultimate diner.

It moved to its current location in 1983.

Schacter says they are working on the 20-year celebrations, scheduled around the middle of November, the deli’s anniversary.

Creekside, long ignored by the municipality while the village was being developed, has been getting a facelift in recent years.

The old Dusty’s is gone. The old Husky gas station is gone. Lake Placid Road has been paved and Intrawest’s development Franz’s Trail will bring a slew of new commercial enterprises to the area.