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Sounders upset Devils in Volleyball Championship


On Nov. 5, senior women’s volleyball teams from Howe Sound, Pemberton and Whistler met in the annual Sea to Sky Volleyball Championship.

For the past three years the tournament has gone to Pemberton Secondary, and both Whistler and Howe Sound came to the tournament determined to break up a dynasty.

The Howe Sound Sounders started strong in the first round, beating the Whistler Secondary Storm 25-17 and 25-16.

The Pemberton Secondary Devils also started strong against the Sounders in their first set, but lost their lead partway through their first match to lose 25-22. The Sounders won the second game 25-20.

The Storm and the Devils faced off to see who would get to take on the Sounders in the finals. Pemberton trounced the Storm team 25-12 in the first game, but Whistler rallied for the second, which they took 25-14. The third set went back and forth, with Whistler taking a 13-11 lead. It was Pemberton’s turn to rally, however, and they took the game 15-13.

Due to a scheduling conflict, the finals would be decided with a single game. The Devils took the lead early and were on their way to a fourth consecutive title with a 14-12 lead when the Sounders took over. The final score was 25-17, netting Howe Sound their first ever Sea to Sky Championship.

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