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Soulful rockers closing in on the competition



Who: Closure

What: Freeze Magazine X-Games Superpipe After Party

Where: Garfinkel’s

When: Sunday, May 18

When Vancouver rocker Brian Howe’s first successful band, DDT, split up right after finally snaring a record deal, the singer-songwriter vowed never to join a band again. Instead, he took off for the City of Angels, Hell-Ay, for a little creative respite. As good fortune and good rock legend would have it, Howe found himself not only another band but his birth parents as well.

The chirpy Canadian import was adopted at two by an "awesome" family from Comox, B.C.

"My original family though are from East L.A. and as white trash as you can get. Jerry Springer times 10. I am so glad I was adopted," he said.

If that wasn’t enough to give him something to sing about, joining forces with drummer, Robin Diaz sure was, for he had a Canadian connection as well – he played on Theory of A Dead Man’s debut album.

Howes explained: "We literally bumped into each other through a mutual friend (Chief, who worked with Nickelback). We decided to start writing together and it was just natural from the start, really organic. I was so surprised."

A band quickly developed from there as Diaz’s jamming partner, guitarist Axel Gimenez was already on the scene and bassist Brian Jennings joined thereafter as the demos came thick and fast. Ultimately their combined musical force became known as Closure and the ensuing self-titled debut album is now due for release in June.

"The stuff we write about is all very real and not made up. More than just writing about experiences, we try to find a way through things. It’s more of a growing record, just like us and our name I guess," said Howes. "We’re a rock band that’s very soulful with very emotional lyrics. We have lots of energy, don’t take ourselves too seriously and yet try to convey a little bit of a message."

Howes said the best way to describe Closure’s sound was to consider it rock with a twist.

"I’ve always been inspired by bands like Jimmy Eat World and I love straight rock like Smashing Pumpkins. We like stuff with a little flavour, a little urban vibe to it. My drummer is really into emo and I’m more of a rock guy so when we write together it’s like a cool hybrid," he said.

Check out Closure and Victoria’s Diary at Garfinkel’s Sunday night. The event is Freeze Magazine After Party for the Skier Superpipe, which means tickets are just $5 and heaps of giveaways are guaranteed.

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