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Song Lyric exerpts to run as captions under headshots of Tuned Women II Participants


Farewell My Youth

Carolyn Grass

I’ve become the image of my Mom

I swore I’d never be

When I look into the mirror

I see Mom looking back at me.

That Bookstore

Emily Lee

I wore that shirt you gave me

to that party you didn’t know I went to

that was my little way of including you

and I laughed about all the promises we broke.

I don’t know

Kath Haling

I don't know why some people get on like they do

and I don't know when the next time may be that I see you

and I don't  know where this path will go

and I don't think I would like to know

so I'll just take the highs with the lows.


Louise Brunker

Under your wing

Just a little bit more

But you showed me the door

My heart hit the floor.


Susan Holden

Yeah, I want in your bed

I’ll stay right out of your head

I won’t meet mother you won’t need Dad

I don‘t have to hear when you’re mad.

Maybe I like it when you’re bad

Yeah maybe I like it when you’re bad.

Blue Eyes

Nicole Fitzgerald

How am I a supposed to find you

when lifetime after lifetime

our faces keep on changing

But, I 'll know you by those blue eyes again.

Queen of the Anthill

Gillie Easdon

Sue sat in front of me in math class

At 14, she had gray hairs

Fascinated, I pulled them out

Before I knew her name.


When I was broken she gave me a bed

When I was broken she lent me her cat

When I was broken she said,

‘Baby, you know everyone hurts,

Now it’s time to get your ass back to work.’

Someone You Knew

Leanne Lamour

Cut down so many trees

Bringin’ nature to her knees

Stuck inside this big wood house

Can’t find the keys.

Walk on the Grass

Sue Stearns

I got fortunes to amass before the deadline’s past

Better get off yer ass and take a walk on the grass.


Tessa Amy

Looking back on the string of events

I can see the spark that lit the flame

It’s easy to go point the finger

But I know that I’m to blame.

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