Peace of mind. How do you get it?

By knowing someone is always in your corner when you need them most, protecting your assets and making sure your best interests are being served.

That feeling of confidence is what Tanya Kong, owner of Kong Law in Function Junction, aims to blanket her clients within the Whistler area when they sign up for Kong Law’s new Legal Koncierge service.

It’s a unique option where clients pay a flat, monthly rate with a minimum one-year commitment and in return, the Legal Koncierge acts as your “on-call” legal consultant, adviser, drafter and researcher for all matters touching the law, your business, your person, your valuable assets and anything you care about.

“It’s a new idea that I feel many people didn’t know could even exist,” Tanya said. “It will be appropriate for a certain kind of client - I am envisioning a small business owner, just starting up, who needs to set up all their paperwork and contracts with various partners, suppliers and customers.”

But it also could include those who require counsel onboard on a constant basis. Tanya says you can think of a Legal Koncierge as your own, dedicated general counsel, without the price of full-time employment or paying a lawyer by the hour - something that can impair developing meaningful discussions between client and lawyer.

With a Legal Koncierge discussions don’t have to be cut short, making sure important details are included and not lost.

Tanya says that all too often, a meeting between a client and lawyer can be a race against the clock, rather than a true effort to intimately understand how a lawyer and client can best work together.

“Ultimately, you achieve a close relationship with the client where you not only have to know the law that surrounds the client and their business, but what the business does, what their intentions are and how they want to strategically position themselves in contracts,” Tanya says.

“One of the things I enjoy the most is the creative aspect of sitting down with a new or innovative business that is doing something unique and brainstorming about their legal requirements.”

The goal is to get to know the client’s business intimately enough that Tanya will be able to offer advice that is more holistic.

For more information about the Legal Koncierge service through Kong Law, visit online at, or email