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snowmobile accident

On mountain collision... Brad Chornoby is about to embark on his fourth month on crutches as a result of what RCMP are calling a "snowmobile hit and run." On Feb. 2, at approximately 1 p.m., Chornoby was snowboarding with a friend on the Bear Creek ski-out, an area considered out of bounds by Whistler Mountain. As the two rounded a corner travelling at about 30 to 40 km an hour, Chornoby, 22, was struck by a snowmobile carrying two passengers. The impact of the crash broke his left leg and launched him over the snowmobile. The driver of the snowmobile promptly stopped, got off and asked Chornoby if he was injured. When he replied, "I think my leg is broken," the driver said he would go for help. Chornoby’s friend helped him to turn the snowmobile around. Half an hour later Chornoby was transported down the mountain by ski patrol to an ambulance. The driver of the snowmobile however, never returned. "It was a good thing I was wearing a helmet," said Chornoby. "I think I got off really lucky." Whistler RCMP Cst. Lee Hamilton says the impact could have been potentially lethal, had he been struck from any other angle. "It’s not like you can just apply the brakes," says Hamilton. "The line of sight where the collision occurred is really bad, it’s a sharp corner. At this time we’re not saying charges will be laid, but we would like some information. What we are investigating is a reasonable expectation of use of the area." Chornoby has had one bout of surgery on his leg, is scheduled for a second, and is currently receiving physiotherapy. He is unable to work and is having to pay out of his own pocket for rehabilitation. RCMP believe that the persons of interest reside in the Bear Creek ski-out area. The snowmobile driven was a dark colour, possibly blue, black or purple, with orange lightning stripes on the front cowling. It is believed that the driver was a Caucasian male in his early 20s, about 5-8 with a medium build. The other passenger was Caucasian female, about 5-4 with a slim build, blonde hair and blue eyes. Anyone who has information is asked to call the Whistler RCMP or Crime Stoppers at 932-TIPS.

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