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Snowboarder injured in fall from Emerald Express

Teen treated for injuries to lower back



A teenaged snowboarder was injured Saturday, Dec. 3 after falling from a chairlift on Whistler Mountain.

Whistler Blackcomb (WB) confirmed the 14-year-old male suffered injuries to his lower back after dropping from the Emerald Express Chair. A video sent to CBC showed lift attendants setting up a “fireman’s net” to catch the teen as he dangled from the chair. He then let go, falling roughly eight metres before hitting the side of the net and onto the ground. He was taken to the Whistler Health Care Centre and released shortly after.

Whistler Blackcomb said the snowboarder apparently slipped from the chair, but was able to hang onto the seat while lift attendants gathered underneath to catch him. The chair’s restraining bar was not lowered at the time, WB said.