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SnowBash of the season

DJ series offers up performances by DJs Steve Aoki, Dopey, Hedspin, Nick Thayer and Sydney Blu



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But this DIY generation is able to construct its own records, which leads to a smoother, more technical flow.

"It's literally a produced six-minute set, where we would take our little experimental minute sets and put that together into one, whole six-minute set."

Today, on top of a busy touring schedule, Dopey has been spending time in the studio working on material for his group project, Notes to Self. The group just released its EP early last week.

He plans to intersperse a party rocking DJ set with a bit of turntablism during his upcoming performance at Moe Joe's.

"I love Whistler. The vibe there is always just so good and people are really open to kind of hear you play and really hear what you have to offer as a DJ, rather than a fuckin' club DJ where you're forced to play all the big hits and stuff."

For the record

There was a tour scheduling error with the Kaskade show that was written about in last week's music section. The show is not taking place.