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Snow White’s a winner


With sell-out shows and a raucous audience, it’s safe to assume Snow White was a roaring success.

Audience participation was a crucial element to the local production and the frisky audiences were in fine form. Snow White’s producer, Karina Andrus, said the response was incredible.

"Cat calls, singing, dancing, and cajoling from the crowd made it fun for everyone, including the cast and crew, " she said.

"The modified script adding truly Whistler humour that includes the audience has to be credited to the show’s director Heather MacPherson," said Andrus.

Highlights of the show included the booing and hissing of the Evil Queen, played by Lithena Evermon, plus secret spreading Alonzo played by Leah Blok. The five dwarves came dressed as the Canadian national ski team, while the GLC’s Mike Varrin spat out food and made a mess. There were loud cheers for Snow White, played by Katie Schaitel, and her faithful jester, played by Angie Nolan. Thunderous applause as well for Dame Goodheart, played by Johnney Comedy and the Prince played by Andrew Cathers.

There were some special guest appearances, including the "Voice of the Mirror" by Mountain FM’s Scott Roberts, Whistler Blackcomb "Snowphone Guy" Chris Strome and Whistler Arts Council main man John Hewson. A special behind-the-scenes shout out must go to Annette Effe, Ivana Ilic and Norm Groulx for their brilliant set design and construction.