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Snow Stars adopted by club, Whistler-Blackcomb


Whistler-Blackcomb’s Super J4 program and the Whistler Mountain Ski Club (WMSC) have adopted the Husky Snow Stars curriculum that was announced last month.

The program, which was created by Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA), is a grass roots skills development program for entry-level skiers. Snow Stars provides resources to guide children, parents and coaches through the development of young skiers around the country. It is partially funded by Husky Gas.

The Super J4 program on Whistler-Blackcomb is geared to kids between the ages of 8 and 12, and provides the opportunity to ski in an organized program with peers as they develop their skiing abilities.

They do some ski racing as a development tool, but the main focus is on developing well-rounded skiers. The program also fits into the ACA’s Athlete Integration Model and the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation development model.

"There are many young skiers and families with a high level of passion for skiing and the mountains, and programs such as these develop skills that provide for lifelong enjoyment of the sport," said Doug Forseth, vice-president of operations for Whistler-Blackcomb.

The WMSC’s involvement with the program comes later, providing a venue for young skiers to build on the skills they learned with the Snow Stars.

"Ski racing remains the king of the alpine events, the downhill is the glory event of the Winter Olympics, and throughout the winter 50 million people tune their televisions onto alpine racing events each week," said Nigel Cooper, the program director for the WMSC. "For aspiring champions in 2010 and beyond, Whistler-Blackcomb’s Super J4’s and our K1 program provide the first steps."