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Snap shot of Whistler’s photographers

Third Open Projector Night showcases local talent, so get clicking



Whether you are a closet photographer waiting to bring your images out of the darkroom or off your digital card or just an avid photo-watching enthusiast, the Whistler Photographic Society’s third Open Projector Night, Thursday, Nov. 17 at the Hub Internet Café, is a fantastic evening for all to get involved in Whistler’s photographic community.

"It’s a social event," said Leanna Rathkelly, president of the Whistler Photographic Society. "Photographers live a pretty solitary (life), so this provides the opportunity for photographers to get together and share what they know. The event will improve photographer’s knowledge of digital photography as well as allow them to share their images with others."

The last two open houses packed in both photography fans and a broad range of image content, ranging from familiar sights around Whistler to more exotic subjects like Costa Rica, Mexico, the Yukon and even a photo essay on automobiles. So get as creative as your lens will allow.

Take advantage of the down time the shoulder season presents, dig out those images, burn them to CD and bring in your favourite music and organizers will transform your images into a digital slide presentation to present at the event. There are no excuses. If you don’t have digital capabilities, drop by the Hub to have your images scanned or rent a scanner from the society for $50 per week to do the photos yourself.

First-time presenters are welcome. The evening showcases a broad range of talents, including everything from seasoned professionals to photographers just learning the ropes.

"We’ve had full houses for every showing. It’s a popular event because there is not a lot of pressure involved," Rathkelly said. "So bring what you’ve got, learn some new things and have a good time."

The casual, social evening also includes the society’s annual general meeting for Whistler Photographic Society members, starting at 7:30 p.m. The projector night follows at 8:30 p.m. The tiny café fills up quickly, so come early for the best seats.

To present, submission for members is free and non-members pay $5. Entries must be submitted before Nov. 17. Presenters are asked to e-mail whistlerphotographicsociety@telus.net . For more information, call Leanna Rathkelly at 604-938-9808.