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Smooth sailing in School District 48

Despite reduced teacher services, school year looking normal so far



One day into the fall semester, parents at Whistler schools are reporting everything looks normal despite a reduction in teacher services.

"I was there today and everything was running smoothly, from what I saw," said Whistler Secondary parent and Parent Advisory Council president Stephanie Reesor.

"Everything looked like it was running smoothly and the kids were all happy, everything looked good to me and I wish the best to everyone involved. I hope the teachers get what they want and I hope the kids don't lose out on anything. Of course, it's all about the children."

Feedback from parents at Myrtle Philip Community School was similar; with parents saying it was too early to tell but that no major gaps in services to students were apparent.

After serving a strike notice last week to implement work-to-rule status starting the first day of school, B.C.'s teachers have agreed to abandon administrative duties such as filling out report cards, supervising playgrounds or meeting with principals - unless an agreement is reached with the province.

Education Minister George Abbott has publicly stated that he's not afraid to legislate teachers back to work if they proceed with a full strike.