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SLRD to examine solutions for lake dock

Sofi report for 2014 released



The Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (SLRD) is looking to fix up a long-neglected amenity at an Area C lake.

At the SLRD board's June 24 meeting held in Gold Bridge, the board decided to get serious about repairing the dock at Anderson Lake.

"The board resolved that Area C director Russell Mack and staff at the SLRD investigate helping with replacement and ongoing maintenance at the Anderson Lake dock," said SLRD board chair Jack Crompton.

Though the dock is located on a Ministry of Transportation right of way in D'Arcy, it's unclear who has jurisdiction over it.

"It's a bit of an orphaned piece of infrastructure," Crompton said. "Typically the province owns watercourses, and so this dock has kind of sat in between jurisdictions for a long time."

The June 24 meeting came during a tour of the SLRD's northern areas. Board members were able to witness the state of the dock firsthand during the tour.

"That was enlightening," Crompton said. "It is definitely falling into disrepair and someone needs to step in and definitely make some changes."

It's not the first time the SLRD has looked at fixing up the dock.

The SLRD board first began examining the problem in 2013.

"We're very serious about getting something done. Previously there was a board resolution to commit $50,000 to fixing it," Crompton said.

"That $50,000 was attached to the board receiving some security that liability would not be onerous. The Area C director Russell Mack has brought this back to the table and is very serious about getting something done soon. His comment was 'we will not be talking about this in five years.'"

The $50,000 that was previously attached to the project has not been spent, and is still in SLRD amenity funds, Crompton said.

According to an SLRD report from March 2013, there are about 125 recreational properties on Anderson Lake, many of which are water access only.

Whistler Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden has owned property at Anderson Lake since 1990.

"It is a stunningly beautiful lake... but it is becoming increasingly popular for Whistler and Pemberton residents who have boats, and that's why the reconstruction of this dock is quite important actually and long overdue," Wilhelm-Morden said.

"I think everybody will be very appreciative of the work to be done on that dock, because it is overdue and it is very well used."


Also at the June 24 meeting, the SLRD received its 2014 Statement of Financial Information, which details the earnings of each board director and their alternates.

Among the highest-paid directors were former Area C director Susan Gimse ($43,364.81 with expenses), Area A director Debbie Demare ($35,487.94 with expenses), Squamish director and former chair Patricia Heintzman ($29,621.11 with expenses) and Area B director Mickey Macri ($27,543.08 with expenses).

Other top earners included former Area D director Moe Freitag ($19,874.78 with expenses), Whistler director Jack Crompton ($10,866.24 with expenses) and former Pemberton director Ted Craddock ($10,243.43 with expenses).

All told, SLRD directors and alternates were paid $210,489.13 in 2014.


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