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Slow down on icy roads, RCMP warn



RCMP officers are urging drivers to slow down as they travel Highway 99, with this week's changing weather conditions causing icy roads.

Squamish RCMP Corporal Dave Ritchie said there were at least four car accidents on Tuesday and three on Wednesday between Daisy Lake and Brohm Lake as a result of freezing rain.

"The temperature change kind of caught people," said the corporal. "It was raining but it was freezing when it hit the road, so people were caught in a freezing rain situation, which takes prudence and slower speed to travel on."

So far, Ritchie said there have been no serious injuries. But he warned people to use caution this winter when using the Sea to Sky Highway.

"You are driving on a mountain highway with changing weather situations, and you have to adjust your speed accordingly and have good tires," he said.

"Give yourself a little extra time, and you'll get there safely."