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Slopestyle draws a crowd

Sprite Park Rider Sessions continues in Blackcomb park



Almost 70 skiers and snowboarders took part in the Sprite Park Rider Sessions slopestyle on Sunday, taking on the highest level terrain park on a cold and hard-packed day.

With four judges looking on, each athlete was judged on two runs. Only the best of two runs would count for the overall rankings.

The top tricks included off-axis spins and flips, including several perfect 720s and respectable 1080 attempts in both the ski and snowboard events.

In the Snowboard Novice 13 and Under contest, Stevie Kopyt from the Whistler Valley Snowboard Club took the win with a score of 22.0, edging out Zach Astle by just one-tenth of a point. Oscar Kirkwood was third with a 16.0.

Tamo Campos won the Snowboard Men 14-16 event with a 26.3, almost two points ahead of Zander Grand’s 24.6. Takemura Hajime was third with a 23.8.

Mia Daniels competed alone in the Girls 14-16 category, but with a score of 19.7 that would have placed her second in the 17 and Over group.

In the Snowboard Men’s 17 and Over contest, Johnathan Redmen took the win with a 22.0. Aaron Johnson was second with a 21.7 and Tizer Demers third with a 20.6.

In the women’s 17 and Over contest, halfpipe specialist Sarah Kopinya landed the win with a 20.5. Rieko Sakurayama was second with an 18.5 and Meridith Fowler third with a 17.3.

In the skier categories, the 16 and Under group went to Ariana Stufano with a 16.3. Erin Kerr was second with a 15.9 and Lonnie Wake third with a 13.5.

Drew Diggins won the boys 16 and Under contest with a 23.7. Kyle Macdonald was second in 22.7, and Kyle Ebner third with a 22.4.

Ashlin Tipper was the only 17 and Over woman to compete, finishing with a 15.8.

In the 17 and Over men, Reed Holm took the win with a 25.8, three-tenths of a point ahead of Derek Drysdale. Jerome Baud was third with a 25.8.

Lonnie Wake won the draw prize for the Atomic skis, while Takemura O’hara claimed the Atomic snowboard.

The Sprite Park Rider Sessions continues on March 20 with another slopestyle.

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