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Sliding off track on sustainability


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But squeezing out Callaghan Country — and what Brad Sills has spent 30-some years building — pales compared to the go-forward plan at WOP south. If you like skinny skiing down there, imagine how much more you'll like it when there's a town centre and a community of townhomes and condos surrounding it.

That's apparently the vision that came out of a meeting earlier this year when a roomful of heavy hitters blueskyed the future of WOP.

It's the kind of development the province's All Season Resort Guidelines likes to envision as a way to boost B.C.'s tourism revenue. Of course, it generally contemplates private developers putting their own and investor's money up to create a greenfield development, not a pre-packaged site paid for with taxpayers' Olympic bucks. But what the heck.

It'll be interesting to see how the SLRD responds to a 100 or so bed unit proposal at WOP. More interesting to see how the RMOW reacts to a "partner" sniping at its boundaries. Could be another Jumbo in the making.

But it would all be so unnecessary if the boys could learn to play together and the Sliding Centre was just a bad memory.

Over to you, Santa. That's my wish.