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Sleeping Beauty opens tonight

Sleeping Beauty, the fourth annual Whistler pantomime, kicks off a four show run tonight at MY (Millennium) Place.


Pantomime is a British theatre tradition that jazzes up classic fairy tales with humorous regional references and ridiculous gender bending performances.

Sleeping Beauty delivers big time on both.

The setting has been moved to the "kingdom" of Whistler, with Prince Valiant, played by Mick Cahir, getting a makeover as a hunky, newly-arrived Aussie. Gender switchers include Behind the Grind owner Chris Quinlan’s buxom broad Dame Amonia Goodbody, hulking restaurateur Scott Young’s Queen Semolina and Garibaldi Lift Co. manager Rev. J. Michael Varrin, Esq. as the flamboyant Good Fairy Azuriel.

On the other side of the coin Gillie Easdon is a diminutive but commanding King Cedric and Dallas Ashby clowns around for the kids as Court Jester Tickles.

Sticking within their own genders for no fewer laughs are the divine Heather Paul playing Evil Fairy Carabosse as a scene-stealing, hip-hop diva and Shannon Hearn’s dead ringer impression of The Simpsons’ Krusty the Klown for the character of Lord Chamberlain, a.k.a. "Fusspot."

The show is a production of Whistler’s Short Skirt Theatre Co. and is directed by Angie Nolan, who starred as the title character in last year’s pantomime Aladdin.

The show will run three evening performances: Thursday Nov. 18, Friday, Nov. 19 and Saturday Nov. 20 with an additional Saturday matinee. All shows take place at MY (Millennium) Place. Tickets are $17 for adults, $13 for kids. The show’s content is suitable for families.

For more information on call 604-935-8410.

Sound of Music soon to be seen and heard

A cheerful governess, a stern soldier, cherubs, nuns, Nazis and a goatherd. It can only mean one thing...

Howe Sound will soon be alive with the Sound of Music.

The first three shows of the Squamish Youth Theatre musical production begin on Thursday, Nov. 25 and run through Saturday, Nov. 27. There will be three more shows the following week, starting Dec. 2 and running through Dec. 4.

The Sound of Music is directed by local arts impresarios Adriane Polo and Mike Hewitt, with musical direction by Gord Durocher. The all-ages cast of 30 hails from Mount Currie to Squamish.

All performances take place at Squamish’s Eagle Eye Theatre. Tickets are $10 for adults, $7 for kids and are available at Howe Sound businesses Billie’s Bouquet and the Squamish Credit Union. Limited tickets will be available at the door.

For more information call 604-898-5930.

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