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Sleepercar rolls into town

Members explore new country rock sound on debut album, West Texas



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All of the members also have their own bands or other musical projects on the go, as well, so a few weeks of touring at a time with Sleepercar is working well for them all.

“Everybody’s having fun — I think it’s kind of different for all of us,” he said.

Their recorded sound isn’t the only thing that’s radically different — the live vibe at their shows is much more laidback and spontaneous than Ward was used to.

“I come from very well rehearsed bands that go for a really big, perfect show… very structured, rehearsed and very practised. I actually drive these guys crazy because I sort of refuse to practice,” he admitted.

A more casual approach to the music seems to be working for everyone, and they’ve still managed to get 15 or 16 weeks of touring in this year.

“We treat it seriously in that respect.”

The new relaxed approach and atmosphere, coupled with an easygoing attitude, translates into a solid show for everyone, not just the members of Sleepercar.

“I think people come to the shows and have a blast, whether they know the songs or not, it’s just fun.”