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Skier injured in mountain ‘hit and run’


A Lower Mainland woman was seriously injured on Jan. 14 when a snowboarder landed on top of her approximately 200 metres up from Blackcomb’s Solar Coaster chair.

The victim and her husband had stopped beneath a roller, when two snowboarders flew over the bump. One snowboarder hit the woman, and appeared to have injured his left shoulder.

The snowboarder then got up and fled the scene with his friend while the husband of the victim shouted for the boarders to stop.

The snowboarder is described as approximately 5-foot-10, in his late teens or early 20s with dark hair and a thin build. He was wearing beige fatigue pants, a black or dark brown helmet, and a gray/silver jacket with blue covering. There is no description for his partner.

The woman suffered a fractured sternum, a fractured ankle, and collapsed sixth, eight and ninth vertebrae.

The RCMP are working with the mountain and ski patrol to identify the boarder, who could be charged with criminal negligence causing injury for fleeing the scene. They are advising the boarder to turn himself in to the police.