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Ski cross sweep at BC Winter Games



Over four days, the municipality of Greater Vernon hosted the BC Winter Games, with athletes around the province under the age of 18 — or younger, depending on the Provincial Sport Organization — representing their home regions in 17 different sports.

Several athletes took part from the Whistler are, including skiers from the Whistler Mountain Ski Club and Whistler Blackcomb Freestyle Ski Club.

One of the best local showings was in K1 ski cross, where a boys' team from the WMSC swept the podium. Finn Iles was first, Kasper Woolley second and Kyle Alexander third.

"I thought the upper part of the course was definitely the best because I felt really smooth in the parts that you really needed to get a good flow," said Woolley.

All three skiers are based in Sea to Sky and part of the Zone 5 team.

In the girls ski cross, Frances MacDonald of Grouse was first, followed by WMSC skier Ella Renzoni. Brooke Lukinuk of Kelowna was third.

WMSC skiers also took part in alpine races.

In the giant slalom, Kasper Wooley and Finn Iles were first and third respectively, while Stefanie Fleckenstein and Anna Gosney were first and second for the girls.

In the slalom, Kasper Wooley and Finn Iles were first and third once again, while Ella Renzoni and Micah Morris were second and third.

In freestyle, the WBFSC's Sofiane Gagnon won the girls' gold medal in single moguls, followed by teammate Mackenzie Wilson. The two also won gold and bronze in big air and dual moguls.

In the boys' single moguls, Luke Smart was second.

Sofiane Gagnon and Mackenzie Wilson were first and second in the overall "combined" category for all three events, while Luke Smart was second for the men.

In cross-country, Austin Reith had a pretty good weekend with gold medals in the relay and classic races and a bronze in the sprint.

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WMSC skiers tops at Grouse

There is just one race on the calendar for E2-level ski racers aged 9 and 10 in the Coast Zone this year, and it took place this past weekend at Grouse Mountain along with a race for K1-level skiers aged 11 and 12.

The Whistler Mountain Ski Club dominated the standings in most events, with eight one-run races over the course of two days.

In the K1 Stubby Slalom race it was a WMSC sweep with Sierra King in first, followed by Sophia Quinn and Ashley Slay. Elyse Baragar was fourth, Erin Dawson seventh, Morgan Border 11th, Ronin Devine 14th and Meg Swaffield 15th.

In the K1 slalom with full-length poles it was Erin Dawson first, Sophia Quinn second and Ashley Slay third. In the top 15 were Sierra King in fifth, Meg Swaffield in sixth, Morgan Border in eighth, Ava Melenchuk in 11th, Elyse Barager in 12th and Ronin Devin in 14th.

In the E2 stubby slalom, Maja Woolley of the WMSC was first, followed by Jenna Tobias and Arabelle Ng.

In the E2 slalom, Maja Wooley was first once again, followed by skiers from Mt. Washington. The clubs were not listed for every event, and so Pique was not able to determine what other WMSC skiers were in the top 15 by press time.

In the boys K1 stubby slalom it was a Grouse sweep. The top Whistler skier was Thomas Blanchard in fourth, with Mathew Terry in fifth, Ethan McTabish in sixth, Griffin Brumec-Parsons in 11th, Ben Voss in 12th, Matthew Ng in 14th and Angus Duguid in 15th.

In the K1 slalom, Thomas Blanchard made the podium for Whistler in third. Also in the top 15, Ethan McTabish was sixth, Jack Forsyth seventh, Matthew Ng eighth, Griffin Brumec-Parsons ninth and Ben Voss 13th.

In the boys E2 group, Ethan Shandro was first in both the stubby slalom and slalom.

On day two, there were giant slalom and kombi events.

In the K1 GS it was another Whistler sweep with Sarah Pudritz in first, Sierra King second and Ashley Slay third. In the top 15, Sophia Quinn was fourth, Erin Dawson fifth, Ava Melenchuk sixth, Meg Swaffield eighth, Morgan Border ninth and Elyse Baragar 10th.

In the K1 kombi, the WMSC girls completed their sweep. This time it was Sierra King up front, followed by Sarah Pudritz and Erin Dawson. In the top 15, Sophia Quinn was fourth, Lucy Tuer fifth, Ashley Slay sixth, Meg Swaffield seventh, Morgan Border 10th, Ava Melenchuk 12th and Elyse Baragar 13th.

For the E2 racers, Maja Woolley was first in both events, and Jenna Tobias second.

For the K1 boys, Masashi Tsutsumi and Thomas Blanchard were first and second in the giant slalom for Whistler. Griffin Brumec-Parsons was sixth, Mathew Terry eighth, Ethan McTavish 13th and Matthew Ng 14th.

In the kombi, Masashi Tsutsumi was first once again, while Thomas Blanchard dropped a spot to third. Ethan McTavish was eighth, Mathew Terry ninth, Griffin Brumec-Parsons 11th and Matthew Ng 14th.

In the E2 races, Ethan Shandro completed his own four-race podium sweep, while Eric Smith picked up a bronze in the kombi and a silver medal in the GS.

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