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Ski Cross an alpine sport?


One of the biggest mysteries on the slopes is why the International Skiing Federation (FIS) opted to place ski cross under the freestyle banner. The sport has everything in common with ski racing (e.g. it's timed and uses gates) and the vast majority of athletes have a ski racing backgrounds.

Locally, the Whistler Mountain Ski Club runs the local and provincial ski cross programs as a natural progression for racers.

And while freestyle has benefited from the association, they haven't actually done anything with the program in Canada. From the start the ski cross program was managed separately as Ski Cross Canada, with its own managers, sponsors, coaches, etc.

On Tuesday, The Globe and Mail reported that Ski Cross Canada was preparing to announce that the sport would be under the jurisdiction of Alpine Canada next season. Neither organization would confirm the report, but the Globe expects it to be official next week.