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Ski club rules Peak to Valley


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Joan Wilson of Team Moregold was the top woman in the race, crossing the line in 4:35.22. Tracy Gibbons of the Drunken Masters was second in 4:42.27 and Katie Dunn of the Ski Club was third in 4:52.39.

The conditions cleared up for day two of the race, allowing the organizers to take the course all the way to the top of The Saddle for a grand total of 174 gates, 5.6 km in course length, and a 1,385 metre (4,550 foot) vertical drop.

After missing last season, Jamie Finlayson once again posted the day’s fastest time, 5:33.63, for the Whistler Mountain Ski Club. He edged out Chris Gruber of team Zhiikay, who was second in 5:34.85. Sead Causevic, also with the ski club, was third overall with a time of 5:37.82.

Finlayson said he didn’t know he won until the end of the day, after making a couple of "big mistakes" on course.

"I though I did pretty good, but that’s always a tough race," said Finlayson. "It was more tiring this year. It was a bit rough up top, and I made some really big mistakes, one on Upper Franz’s Run, and the other on the top of lower Franz’s. When you’re racing that long, and you make a mistake, you have to use more energy to get yourself back online. I was more tired out by the end than I needed to be."

Finlayson is no long with the club, but plans to keep racing. He was one of the top Nor Am and Pontiac GMC Cup racers in recent years, but has taken time off to work and go to school in the city.

Although he hasn’t put in as many days as other years, Finlayson was comfortable on the course he said. He also learned a few tricks, like how to carry more speed into the flats, and how to rest in the flat areas with his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands.

He says he will be back in the race again next. "I’ll always be a ski racer and I’ll always want to race," he said.

The fastest woman on Saturday was former World Downhill Champion, World Cup racer and Olympian Hilary Lindh, who finished the course in 6:07.16 for the Drunken Masters. She was more than 25 seconds faster than her nearest competitor, Kary Firstbrook of Team Spirit, who finished in 6:33.48. Alyssa Wilson was a close third for Most Gold with a time of 6:35.01.

Fastest Teams Overall