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Whistler joins forces with BCTV, four other ski areas The Ski Card concept, introduced two years ago by both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, has been expanded to multiple ski areas in B.C. Whistler Mountain, Silver Star, Red Mountain, Cypress Bowl and Mount Washington, have teamed up to introduce the BCTV B.C. Ski Card. Like Ski Cards at individual mountains, the B.C. Ski Card offers discounts on daily lift tickets, but at all five ski areas. The discount can be up to $12, depending on the time of the season. The cost of the B.C. Ski Card ranges from $29 to $49. The first day of skiing is free at the ski area where the card is purchased. The B.C. Ski Card can also be linked to a credit card, so card holders can bypass the ticket window and have the discounted ticket price registered against their credit card. Sport Check/Hogarth’s stores will be selling vouchers for Whistler Mountain B.C. Ski Cards starting Oct. 15. Vouchers can be redeemed at the Vancouver Ski Show, where buyers will receive an extra $7.50 discount, or at Whistler Mountain Guest Relations. Anyone who purchased a Whistler Mountain Ski Card last winter will be entitled to purchase a Whistler Mountain B.C. Ski Card for $39 before Oct. 22. People who had Whistler Mountain or Dual Mountain season passes last year will also be entitled to purchase a B.C. Ski Card for $39.