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Skating club jingling medals from Jingle Blades



One of the biggest figure skating competitions in the Lower Mainland is the annual Jingle Blades competition in White Rock, which took place last weekend. Due to the number of skaters the athletes were divided by categories and then into smaller groups where medals are awarded separately from other groups.

The Whistler Skating Club earned four medals and numerous ribbons in the contest with their team of 12 skaters, five of whom were competing for the first time ever.

In Elementary Ladies 10 and Over Group 1 Savanah Ellott placed third overall, while Caitlin Patterson earned a bronze of her own in Group 2, and Jordynn Anderson finished just off the podium in fifth place.

In elementary Ladies 9 and Under Group 4 Madeline Blaser placed fourth, with Lydia Robertson earning a silver medal in Group 5.

Three skaters competed in Elementary Men. Noam Steele placed highest in sixth while Kristjan Rohde was ninth and Nikolas Rohde was 11 th .

In Pre-Preliminary Ladies 10 and Under Group 1 Jandzeela Tompkins was eighth.

In Preliminary Ladies 11 and Over Group 3 Rebecca Blaser was 12 th .

In Junior Bronze Ladies Group 1 Cassidy Deane as fourth, while Chantal Deane earned a bronze in Group 2.


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