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Six Dreamcatcher horses qualify for USDF regionals



Six Hanoverian horses bred and trained at Dreamcatcher Meadows in Pemberton have qualified for the 2013 United States Dressage Federation Breeder Classic Regional Championships, their best showing ever as a team.

Jill Giese, who co-owns Dreamcatcher Meadows, said the best thing about the results of the Sept. 1 event in Auburn, Wash., was that horses owned regionally also did well.

"There's just one show in the season left but that was the big one," Giese said.

"Getting six horses there was a feat in itself. They have to jump a bunch of hurdles to qualify first. It was a very, very good show for everybody."

All six had to place first or second in at least two qualifying shows throughout the dressage season in their respective age groups, she said, or score 77 per cent or above in their performance.

Four Dreamcatcher horses went through on scores and two placed first or second in respective categories.

"They are all horses we've bred but they weren't all horses we owned so it was nice to get the clients into the championships. That was my big goal for the year, trying to get clients there," Giese said.

The "Dream team" six are: Wonderful Dream DMV, a yearling filly owned by Shelley Sharpe and David Evans of Whistler, came 2nd in her category at 79.1 per cent; Radiance DMV, owned by Anna Scott of Whistler won high points for the show for the American Warmblood Society; Lady of the Dance DMV, owned by Deborah Mitchell and ridden by Kirsten Mitchell, is currently in the lead in four all-breed awards divisions; Ballerina DMV, owned by Bus Fuller, was overall reserve champion mare; Lordsley DMV, owned by Tony Ma, was third in the champion stallion rankings and is in the lead for three-year-old colts, nationally, and three-year-old materiele under saddle. Finally, Dreammaster DMV, owned by Giese and John Dingle, was grand champion stallion.

Dreamcatcher Meadows is also currently sitting third in the USDF rankings as breeder of the year, Giese said.