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Silveri buys Twin Rivers quarry



The owner of the asphalt plant and quarry near Cheakamus Crossing now also owns another quarry at Twin Rivers.

Last week, Mayor Ken Melamed confirmed at the public council meeting that Frank Silveri recently purchased the land that lies 10 miles north of Whistler's municipal boundary.

The 5.62-hectare quarry is managed by the Twin Rivers Gravel Co. and produces sand and gravel.

Melamed said when council recently learned this new information, they asked Silveri if he would consider moving the contentious asphalt plant to his new property.

"He said 'no,'" said Melamed, following questioning from a community member at the public question and answer period. "That is his decision, and we can be as curious as we want. We have his answer, however, and we need to take action based on his answer."

The mayor did not know if the Twin Rivers purchase was part of Silveri's original business plan, but he understands that Silveri "would make that based on his business interest, as any business person would do."

Silveri's companies, Whistler Aggregates and Alpine Paving, have been the source of much discussion over the past 10 months, since some homeowners at Cheakamus Crossing have said a quarry and asphalt plant should not lie so close to a neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, the land at the Twin Rivers quarry was also used to house members of the Integrated Security Unit (ISU) during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Silveri and managers at Twin Rivers Gravel Co. did not return requests for interviews.