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Sigge's P'ayakentsut draws 400+

CVTC skier wins, squamish cyclist Neal Kindree second in 50km race


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In the men's 15km race, Grant Wilburn was fastest in 1:00:05, followed by Steven Kariya in 1:00:13 and Mikhail Fain in 1:00:55. Craig Mackenzie led the Whistler Nordics in 18th in 1:10:27.

Other locals in the top 30 include Stephane Perron in 22nd and second in 45 to 49 and Mick Peatfield in 26th and fourth in 45 to 49.

Adrienne Underhill of the Callaghan Valley Training Centre was first overall out of all the 15km racers, male and female, in 57:08. Melanie Levesque was second in 1:00:21 and Lisa Broughan third in 1:06:40.

Sara Hamilton of the Callaghan Winter Sports Club was ninth overall and second in 40 to 44 in 1:10:18; Dawn Hunter from the Spud Valley Nordics was 12th overall and second in 35 to 39 in 1:12:00; Helle Willburn was 24th overall and first in 60 to 64 in 1:21:31; Marie-France Dubois was 25th overall and 10th in 45 to 49 in 1:22:09; Cheeying Ho was 29th and 12th in 45 to 49 in 1:22:01; and Lynn Ayers was 30th overall and fifth in 40 to 44 in 1:25:18, to round out the top 30.

In the Youth 15km race, the Hollyburn men dominated with Kalum Utley first in 54:14 and Quinn Wildi second in 55:30. Hollyburn also accounted for spots four through 14.

In the women's youth race, Nicki Murdoch of the Whistler Nordics was first overall in 1:00:03, followed by Jennifer Wildi of Hollyburn in 1:01:17. Lauren Doak of Whistler was third overall and first in the 13 to 15 group in 1:03:33.

Jenya Nordic and Paige Quinn of Whistler were fourth and ninth respectively.

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