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Return of the Vicious Circle


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Abdalrahman stood up. "I’ll come by to see you tomorrow."


"Promise. I’ll be back tomorrow after your surgery."

Claire bit down hard on her lower lip. She wanted to thank him but she couldn’t risk it.

Abdalrahman rested his warm hand on Claire’s shoulder briefly, then he headed out of the room.

At the door he paused and turned back. "Do you want me to bring you anything?"

Claire looked at her doctor. The gulf between what she wanted and what she could have was irreconcilable. She shook her head.

From behind the curtain, Mrs. Engesett croaked, "If you’re taking orders, I’ll have a White Spot burger with Triple-O sauce and a small fries."

Pam Barnsley worked as a snowboard instructor for Whistler-Blackcomb for four years. Her work has appeared in various magazines and newspapers, as well as on CBC television. Recently she has published short stories in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and Storyteller Canada. She is currently working on a mystery novel set in Whistler.