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She stole my beer


Beers come back to Bill’s

WHO: She Stole My Beer

WHERE: Buffalo Bill’s

WHEN: Oct. 12 and 13

Whistler just can't get enough beer – She Stole My Beer that is. And those brewers of party rock ’n’ roll are always happy to oblige, recognizing the resort as their best customer, and a home away from home.

The Vancouver septet admits they haven't really been peddling their wares in 2001, especially in comparison to their cross Canada tours of the mid ’90s. But The Beers are maturing into a finer brew of careers and families.

"We went through that stage of our lives. (The ’90s) was an exciting time of our lives," recalls drummer Franco Diligenti. "There were a few years there that looked really promising and I think it's an experience that a lot of people get in the music industry. In fact, it's probably the rule that they get the taste but they don't get the full ride. And we certainly got the taste.

"MCA treated us very well for a few years. We did a lot of touring. I think it was difficult at first. No one was really ready for the sudden departure from music. At the time, nobody had thought about what else they would do. It was pretty scary for a few guys, for sure.

"But I think in the end, they realized it was well-timed and it gave them the opportunity to pursue other avenues. Even if the ride had been extended a little longer, I think we were all realistic enough to know that it was going to have to end sometime, and it can be pretty unforgiving as an industry."

These days The Beers carefully select when they'd like to dip back into that industry. Their most notable performance this year was at The Commodore, a triple bill shared with Big Yellow Taxi and The Adam Woodall Band. Promoted by the well-known Upstream Entertainment, the show pulled in over 900 people, even though the Beers had been on hiatus from the city for nearly two years.

"Up until last New Year's, we had played The Boot about five times in a row. We decided we needed a bit of a change, which is why we decided to do the Vancouver show. The house was packed and it was really great to see that we still have that kind of draw," says Diligenti.

But that's not to say that they've abandoned Whistler, the market that continues to embrace She Stole My Beer. And despite its ever-transient population, it was here that The Beers were able to build up a strong "hometown feel." Whistler continues to be flooded with the free spirits that enjoy the band's light hearted party tunes, and as long as people are listening, the boys will serve up The Beer.

"We still enjoy playing the music. Getting together to play shows is also just time for us to spend together. We really don't get to see each other outside of the band environment, so it's as much a social event as it is a musical event. And on stage, we're still out there trying to deliver the most high octane show. That's our cornerstone and we'll always deliver the goods."