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Shane Bennett

Candidate inspired by Occupy protests



What's one thing people would be surprised to learn about you? I am a Buddhist and vegetarian.

What world leader would you most like to go for dinner/drinks with, and why? Lloyd Axworthy-out of the box political thinker and could help with getting the new voting system going in Whistler.

What book do you recommend everyone read and why? Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (John Perkins). Eye-opener on U.S. foreign policy. It's on YouTube, a 10-part must see.

Give an example of a difficult situation you have overcome? Orphaned at birth, moved around a lot when young, still dealing with demons from my childhood, but have a good family here in Whistler so all is good.

What are your favorite sports to watch on TV? Don't watch TV but like (equestrian) show jumping and sailing on the Internet.


Shane Bennett has run for mayor so many times he isn't sure of exactly how many times he's been through the exercise.

He has been telling people he holds the record in Canada for polling last in municipal elections. Records show that this is Bennett's sixth campaign for a seat on council.

The father of four was an Internet service provider and he is currently working in the construction industry. When he isn't working he said he spends time with his children and he also dedicates time and energy to the Occupy movement.

"There are people who are waking up and it is really awesome," Bennett said of the Occupy Vancouver protest.

He has been attending the protest site regularly to hand out granola bars. He said with the colder weather setting in he intends to collect socks and other things required by the protestors on the Vancouver Art Gallery lawn.

Bennett has melded his family's Buddhist practices with Occupy beliefs to formulate the policies he intends to bring to municipal hall if he is elected.

Bennett is self-financing his campaign so he said he doesn't have funds to put up signs. His time is also limited due to his work and family commitments so he isn't planning to do any direct campaigning through door knocking or attending events.

While he isn't aggressively campaigning he said he believes the front-runners for the position of mayor have created an opening for him by putting Whistler into its current situation.

"The minds that have created this problem probably aren't suited to actually provide solutions to this problem and I haven't heard any solutions coming from any of the mayor candidates," said Bennett. "I'm thinking out of the box, I'm solution oriented."