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Shane Bennett

The canary in the Whistler coal mine


Name: Shane Bennett

Age: 46 going on 200

Website: www.whistlerPOLITICS.com

Occupation: Mr. Mom, Internet guru, and lately drywaller.

Last book read: Navigating a New World, by Lloyd Axworthy, and Official 9/11 Senate Report.

What music are you listening to these days: Lame question. Should ask a lifestyle question like addictions. No I do not smoke, do drugs, drink alcohol or eat red meat for over 20 years. But a bit of a coffee- and tea-aholic.

Favourite recreational pursuits: Drill sergeant for my three-boy equestrian team. Walking on water.

1. Why are you running for council?

Milk? If you don’t get it watch Cinderella man.

2. What are the biggest issues facing Whistler?

Besides the obvious ones, contaminated water, pine beetle destruction, propane storage facility in the heart of Whistler, muni partnering with companies without even doing a simple background check, strata councils from hell, vigilantism, excessive greed that stifles corporate ingenuity, Highway 99 dangers, drug abuse, intellectual rapists, muni being a competitor instead of a facilitator, un-checked corporate predator practices, corrupt local media who are bought by unethical politicians, federal mistrust for this town. Contempt for Whistler by locals and ex-locals. An inept Chamber of Commerce that does not have the balls to stand up when the muni goes sideways against local business. Allowing every tom, dick and hairy business to operate without even a valid business licence, underfunding for alternate schools. Having a fire department that cannot effectively fight a forest fire. A hospital that cannot deal with a H5N1 or its variant outbreak, a search and rescue that would be made useless in the advent of 27 feet of snow dump in two days. And many other un-social, un-environmentally, un-economically, unsustainable actions. It is absolutely pathetic that I have to run for public office to save not only my livelihood but the town’s too.

3. What needs to be done to address those issues?

We need a shit disturber on council who’s knowledgeable in tourism and Internet technology and calls a spade a spade. I am the most qualified. Elect Shane Bennett for council; Ken Melamed for mayor is a good start.

4. How will Whistler 2020 help us?

If the muni keeps pumping out intellectual candy like this while being simultaneously hypocritical it’s only good for ass-wipe.

5. Name three things you expect to accomplish in this council’s term.

Depends on who gets elected and if there is enough evidence uncovered to start a RCMP investigation on municipal corruption. You will get no or token funding unless this is dealt with. The town of Whistler will keep sinking and sinking. Like I stated and predicted last election, I am the canary in this town, what you are doing to me you are doing to yourselves.