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Servants of the snow

It’s a dream job, not a snowjob, with WB’s Snow Phone team



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And so the snow-phone makeover began. An extra update was scheduled to coincide with the biggest wave of uploading guests. The basic script was reworked, with the information now delivered triage style, putting the most critical information for the core rider, right off the top. “We start with the most ski triggering news,” says Boot, “where the freezing level is, the amount of new snow. You’ll find all the vital data you need in the first three seconds. That way, locals don’t need to waste time with the information that is there for the international guest.”

But when there’s time to be wasted, the snow-phone and whistlerblackcomb.com webcams, live temps and Environment Canada forecast are there. Refreshed every 15 minutes, computers around the world are logged onto Whistler’s webcams, fuelling a snow-lust or a vacation countdown or the same twitch in the feet that the entire town has been feeling for the past couple of months…

By 3 p.m. each day, Jeff and Alex, Whistler Blackcomb’s newest snowphone sirens, have logged 10 hours of weather-watching. Environment Canada’s Alpine overnight forecast and predictions for the next day are ready for one last recording. They make some notes, hit record, and give one last shout-out to the skiers and riders of the world, to prompt sweet dreams, early starts and, hopefully, a mouthful of snow for breakfast.

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