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Seniors housing task force about to get underway


After the success of the first public task force on non-cost housing initiatives, the municipality is gearing up for another month of talks with locals.

This time the group has been charged with defining the concept of seniors housing. They will also envision what a seniors housing development would look like in Whistler.

Joining Councillor Marianne Wade, the chair of the task force, are 12 local participants.

The group will include members of the Mature Action Committee, among them Gord Leidal, Doug Deeks and Betty McWhinnie.

MAC has been trying to establish seniors housing in Whistler for the past decade to no avail.

One of their major hurdles to date is the high cost of land in Whistler. Numerous talks with the municipality have failed to produce a suitable site for development. It is hoped the task force can firm up the concept of seniors housing in the resort.

After four consecutive meetings throughout May, the group will report to council in mid-June.

The first meeting will be held in council chambers on Friday, May 2 from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

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