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"It will suggest that we’ve got everything from big alpine bowls to gentle cruisers, that we’re the Olympic hosts and it talks about the nightlife, the restaurants and the real family experience. There’s something here for every member of the family," Allan said.

"These are the ads we will run in all family targeted magazines."

Allan said the dual mountain ad will run in the likes of Powder, Ski Press and similar magazines.

"To the general ski magazine crowd and the international market we portray the dual mountain image, the two mountains, one village, our size and magnitude, 7,000 vertical acres, the variety of terrain. We really focus on everything that sets us apart form other resorts," she said.

When it comes to advertising to families, Whistler-Blackcomb works with Tourism Whistler and Resort Reservations to decide whose advertisements will go in which publications.

"Between the three of us we look at all the magazines and decide who should advertise in what, because Tourism Whistler are obviously very family focused. Whistler Blackcomb, promoting the mountains, will go into the niche magazines or vertical publications," said Allan.

Wasserman said: "There’s been a sense of ‘let’s not duplicate efforts and to best stretch a dollar’ so they’ve (Tourism Whistler) left some of these niche markets, the boarders and the freeskiing, to Whistler-Blackcomb. Tourism Whistler targets the more destination traveller coming out with the family, even the couples that are higher end, very mobile and tend to be more skiing orientated."

"Whistler has many facets but it’s all the same diamond," he said.

Wasserman said the secret of the success of Whistler-Blackcomb’s advertising is understanding the life in the mountains.

"We’ve got a lot of people in that Whistler operation up at Detroit who are actually living the life, so we’ve invested in that market to understand the people who are on the mountain all the time, the skiers and the boarders," he said.

"I would say that having people up there is part of the idea pipeline and Wasserman and partners has worked on the mountain since Intrawest acquired Blackcomb way back when, so we have a real experience in that," he said.

Wasserman also said that Whistler-Blackcomb keeps in touch with the visitors who come to the resort to understand what their wants and expectations are.

"I would say it’s a triad of input, making sure that we’re in touch with what people are getting out of this place and not confining it to what we were last year or what another mountain is," he said.

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